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Both Dr. DeBakey and Marsha L. DeBakey (who served as a nurse for over 42 years in the Mobile area), strived to help improve health care in rural areas and underserved communities within the Gulf Coast Region.  Dr. DeBakey also felt very strongly about educating children on a how to live a healthy lifestyle and wanted to help children learn about the dangerous effects of drugs and alcohol. 

The Foundation exhibits the same compelling action to follow in the footsteps of Dr. DeBakey and Marsha by continuing to support the advancement for better health of all individuals in a variety of efforts.

"It is a rewarding feeling to send someone out in the world with a marvelous education. Imagine the number of people they help during their lifetime," says DeBakey


Dr. DeBakey was recognized by the Healthcare Hall of Fame and his peers as one of the preeminent general surgeons in the Southeast during a career that spanned more than 60 years in addition to being remembered for his philanthropic work and community service.

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