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Dr. Gretchen Vandiver, a 2012 scholarship recipient and 2016 College of Medicine graduate, will forever be grateful to the Ernest G. DeBakey Charitable Foundation.

“I’ve wanted to be a pediatrician since I was in the second grade growing up in Cullman, Alabama,” Vandiver added. “I really like the sense of community in small towns, and the fact that you really get to know your patients, get to see them at the grocery store, and that you get to be an active member in your community.”

Please see images below that capture the history of the DeBakey Drug Education Vehicle

The Foundation currently provides scholarship opportunities at Tulane University and the University of South Alabama's medical schools. For more information regarding scholarship opportunities, please contact the school of medicine at Tulane University and the University of South Alabama.


Furthermore, the Ernest G. DeBakey Charitable Foundation benefits medical advancement in technology, research and education. The Foundation aims to support underserved and rural areas, public health, and healthcare education within the Gulf Coast region. 

The Foundation sponsors the DeBakey Drug Education Vehicle, (an idea brought to fruition by Dr. DeBakey) an innovative and interactive mobile tool for students (targeted toward 5th graders) to learn about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. The vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art technology delivering information on the harmful effects of drugs, tobacco and alcohol in a kid friendly environment and encourages children to "Be Your Best Self"! This vehicles has been a significant community service for the Mobile and surrounding areas since 1993. For more information on the DeBakey Drug Education Vehicle, please visit our website at

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